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My name is Lukáš Kyjánek, and I am a full-time Master student at the Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University.

My fields of interest are word-formation, especially derivational morphology and dialectometry with focus on mutual intelligibility of closely related (mainly West-Slavic) languages.



Harmonization of Language Resources for Word-Formation of Multiple Languages

This is the topic of my Master thesis at UFAL. I will review and compare existed language resources containing word-formation across languages. Then, I will design suitable attribute-value schemas, and I will harmonize data structures and formats of some of them.

Word-Formation Structure of Czech Words

I am a part of the team which focuses on linguistic research into the word-formation structure of Czech words using specialized language resources and tools and large language corpora. This project is led by Magda Ševčíková, and it is supported by GAČR.

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Semantic Labelling of Word-Formation Relations

In this new ongoing project, I carry out first experiments with semantic labelling of derivational relations in DeriNet using machine learning methods. Supported by Student's Faculty Grant at MFF CUNI.

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I help to develop a lexical network of derivational relations between Czech words. I focus on expanding the number of relations using other existed language resources, prepare data for manual annotations and do first experiments with semantic labelling in DeriNet.

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WiktiWF is my still ongoing project with an ambition to extract and provide data for word-formation of 25 languages (in the same format, structure and license) from open data of Wiktionary.org. So far, five datasets (Czech, English, German, French and Polish) were published.

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Foreign Words Recognition

I develope a rule-based tool for the recognition of borrowed foreign words in the Czech language. Used rules are based on the study of so far published linguistic papers. In this project I was supported by Student's Faculty Grant at MFF CUNI.

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Mutual Intelligibility of West-Slavic Languages

With my colleague Jiří Haviger, we focus on a quantitative measuring of mutual intelligibility on graphemic and phonetic layers between West-Slavic languages, especially using conditional entropy. Thanks to that, among other things, I created scripts for phonetic transcription of mentioned languages.


I am an author or co-author of these datasets:

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