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Language resources of derivational morphology and/or word-formation

Language data resources of derivational morphology and/or word-formation

This web page continues in my effort to assemble the existing language resources that contain any pieces of annotations of derivational morphology and/or word-formation, in a broader sense. I published the first list of such resources in a technical report (Kyjánek 2018) and since then many new resources have been released. Therefore, I have decided to list the resources here, where I can keep the list up to date (the last update at the bottom of this page).

While the technical report structured the resources according to their types, such as resources specialised in derivational morphology, corpora, or explanatory dictionaries, the following list is structured according to languages captured in the resources. The list includes all types of resources, even those from which the relevant data would need to be extracted first, e.g., explanatory dictionaries. The important inclusion criteria is to contain any data/annotations related to derivational morphology / word-formation.

If you know any resource that captures derivational morphology and/or word-formation, please contact me ( and I will add the resource to the list.